Thursday, May 13, 2010

this just in: BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

New BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE arrivals today on

These basics are literally the softest, thinnest, most lightweight and luxurious pieces you will ever own! Wear them on their own or they are perfect for layering. We've got them in neutral greys and spring colors!

This is literally the softest, thinnest, most lightweight material ever!  We are really not kidding about that but not only is the material luxurious but this tunic is so unique and flattering! The armholes are actually connected on the inside of the garment with another piece of fabric which gives this style its unique drape. You can give this piece a different look depending on whether you let the connection lay against your back or your stomach.  Plus, we like the tunic version of this piece because you can play with the length, wear it up on your hips or pull it down to create a dress look.  Also works as a bathing suit cover up.  So many uses and such a unique design, you just can't go wrong!

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