Thursday, October 29, 2009


Check out new arrivals from Jenny Han today on!  Tons of festive tops and dresses that are perfect for your upcoming holiday events!  In traditional Jenny Han style these pieces are feminine and flattering with beautiful subtle details.  This group features a lot of silk, lace, ruffles and sequins... just what every girl needs!

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK: Silk Tank in Silver or Black
This is a classic and simple tank with a twist.. literally! The tank is fairly basic from the front but turn around to find several strands that are twisted together to form a racerback. Simple with a surprise detail is just what we like. Not to mention you can wear this tank just about anytime and anywhere. The sheen of the silk makes it perfect for holiday time because you can definitely dress it up. But since it’s a tank you can wear it year round by adding or taking away layers. And like every great top it looks fantastic with jeans and heels. Done and done!    

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

trend watch: LONG TANK TOPS

Whether you wear them loose or tight you definitely want your tank tops to be long!  Wearing a top that is long and hits at the hips will lengthen your torso and make you look leaner.  Long tanks are great for layering and look fantastic under crop jackets which are so in right now (see post below).  Plus all that extra material also gives you a lot of styling options... 

Jessica Alba navigates her way through the pumpkin patch while sporting a long and loose tank over tight jeans and high boots.  Jessica has decided to keep her tank loose and flowy but she could have easily belted this top at the waist or hips.  For a similar look try the Elwood Clementine Top or the Mike & Chris Pocket Tank but available now on

Teri Hatcher ads flair to a simple outfit with a long tight tank.  Teri is showing the length of the tank but at the same time she has ruched up the bottom slightly to help it lay better and flatter her figure.  For a similiar look try the V-Neck Tank or Asymmetrical Tank both by Shagg.  Or for long length plus a little something extra try the Zipper Tank by Object of Desire!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

get that look: PLUNGING V-NECK

If you've got it flaunt it!  An extra deep, plunging v-neck can add drama to any outfit.

Beyonce definitely has "it" and she wasn't afraid to flaunt it at the Billboard Women In Music event.  She strutted the red carpet in a plunging v-neck dress and peep toe pumps.  And guess what?  You can too!  The ecoSkin Spruce Dress has such a very similar silhouette.  Both the Spruce Dress and Beyonce's dress feature: a plunging v-neck, short sleeves, a wide band waist, hip pocket/gathered detail, and both hit mid thigh.  The Spruce Dress is a darker shade of blue than Beyonce's which makes it perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  Finish the look off with a pair of peep toe pumps like the Marcello Toshi Hojas and you could be Beyonce's twin (well her outfit twin at least).

Monday, October 26, 2009

trend watch: CROPPED JACKET

A cropped jacket is a must!  It literally goes with everything from dresses to pants and because of the short length it's great for layering. 

Olivia Wilde and Lauren Conrad both stepped out in their cropped leather jackets.  Olivia has her jacket over a dress while Lauren is sporting a skirt.  Both outfits demonstrate how a cropped leather jacket can add edge to an ultra feminine outfit.  To get this look try the Mike & Chirs Leather Bolero Jacket available right now on  The bronze color is neutral so it will go with anything and the 3/4 sleeves make it great to layer over long sleeves.  It also has a great neck tie detail that you can leave open or tie like you would an actual neck tie.

Another cropped jacket option from Mike & Chris is the Wellington Jacket available in Black or Grey.  This jacket is made from wool so it's heavier than the leather but will keep you nice and toasty!  It looks great layered over long sleeves (seen here over the KJ Angel Wing Thermal).

Friday, October 23, 2009

get that look: MOTORCYCLE JACKET

Nicky Hilton has taken a basic t-shirt and jeans and turned it up a notch by finishing it off with a motorcycle jacket.  There is no doubt that Nicky looks fabulous but a motorcycle jacket in black and made of leather is so... expected.  It's a good think you know Joan!  Right now on you can get a similar but much more fabulous look with the Mike & Chris Ali Motorcycle Jacket in Mauve.  This color is so feminine and flattering but the design of the jacket keeps this look edgy!  The material is a super soft cotton fleece that will keep you warm but allow flexibility in your movements unlike bulky leather.  This jacket is anything but expected!

Now that you have your central piece you can build the rest of the outfit around it.  For a similar t-shirt and jeans look try these elements:
Le Magnifique St. Moritz Tee
Karmel & Alden Zelda Jean
Marcello Toshi Hojas Shoe
Samanca Raji Bracelet

Now all you have to worry about is all the other Bad Joans being jealous of you!

get that look: BEACH KAFTAN

The holidays are right around the corner so you'd better get ready for your tropical getaway!  Courtney Cox looks relaxed as she strolls down the beach while filming an episode of Cougartown in a paisley print kaftan.  You can channel Courtney's relaxed energy in your own kaftan by Tucker Paisley available in Blue or Fuschia.  These kaftans are lightweight enough to wear as a bathing suit cover up but the fabric is solid enough to wear on its own as a dress.  This piece even looks cute over pants, loose or belted!  The best part about wearing a kaftan during your holiday trip is that it's loose and flowy and will easliy hide the aftermath from all those holiday parties you attended before your vacation!

Need a bikini or bathing suit to go under your kaftan?  Check out Purp7e Agua on for a variety of suits.  Courtney has picked up the white in her kaftan with a white bikini.  Get a similar look with the Shell And Macrame Bikini or the Zebra Shell Bikini (both seen above).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

trend watch: TEXTURED SCARF

Simple, flat scarves are a thing of the past!  Add some volume to your outfit and keep extra warm with a textured scarf.

Gossip Girl's Jessica Szhor looks beautiful as always wrapped up in a textured scarf.  It ads personality to a simple pair of jeans and a blazer.  It also frames her face as the ends of her hair mix in with the fringe and texture of the scarf.

We have several warm, cozy and of course textured scarves to choose from right now on!  Purp7e offers the Shredded Scarf in Eggplant or Taupe.  This extra long and wide scarf can also be worn as a wrap!  A thinner but still textured alternative is the Braided Scarf in Black or Taupe/Green also by Purp7e.  This thick piece can be worn long and loose or wrapped around the neck.  It is extra thick and warm!

this just in: MIKE & CHRIS

Brrrrrr, it's getting cold out there. Good thing we just got a big shipment of Mike & Chris jackets to keep you warm! This line is known for their jackets which reflect edgy street style meets elegance and femininity.  And now you can get these jackets for just a fraction of the price available right now on  Check out just a few of the styles available...

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK:  Leather Bolero Jacket
This jacket is just soooo adorable!  It is a must have.  Throw it on with a tank, jeans and a great pair of pumps and you are all set!  There is a ruffle collar and a neck tie.  It's literally a tie that you can leave hanging loose or you can tie it like a man's neck tie.  We love the cross of masculine and ultra feminine qualities that this jacket has.  Bottom line: this jacket is cute, feminine, sexy and edgy all at the same time!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

contest: WIN $10 EVERY WEEKDAY

Starting on Monday, November 2nd you will have a chance to win a $10 gift coupon to EVERY weekday!  The contest will begin every weekday at 10:00am PST and end at 2:00pm PST. 

-At 10:00am PST each weekday a trivia question or game will be posted on Joan's blog.
-The first 5 people to get the correct answer or win the game will each be awarded a $10 gift coupon to
-The winners will be announced each weekday on Joan's blog at 2:00pm PST. 

So make sure to check Joan's blog every weekday starting November 2nd!

*Must be 18 or older to play.  Limit one win per customer per day.

economize: LAYER

It's no secret that the economy sucks right now but regardless of what the economy is doing it's always good to know how to get the most for your money!  Getting creative with layering is a great way to get your money's worth out of an item and keep your wardrobe looking fresh at the same time! 

The weather is cooling off but it is the perfect time to get a great deal on spring/summer merchandise.  What to do?  By layering you can snatch up these bargins and still dress for the current weather.  For example a sleeveless or short sleeve dress is great on it's own when the weather permits BUT you can also throw on a long sleeve top underneath and even ad tights or leggings and a pair of boots and you've got a fall/winter look!  Now you have a dress that you bought for a great price that you can wear right now when the weather is cool AND that you can wear again in spring/summer.  That is definitely getting the most for your money.

We recommend using solid colors or minimal prints/graphics, since you are already layering you don't want too many other things going on in your outfit.  Here are some great layering ideas available right now on

This pleated dress by Mike & Chris is so adorable how could you pass it up?  Don't!  Simply pair this dress up with the Skull Thermal by KJ Clothing and you can wear it for fall and again in the spring. 

The Chestnut Dress by ecoSkin is simply a must have.  Lightweight, short sleeve and can be tied in the back or front.  Pair it up with the KJ Angel Wing Thermal and you're set for a chilly day!

The Crew Neck Tank Dress by Mike & Chris is a wardrobe essential, after all every girl needs a little black dress!  Good thing this one looks so cute with the KJ Clothing Deer Thermal underneath.  Now you can enjoy this LBD all year round!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

trend watch: HUES OF BLUE

Don't sing the blues, wear the blues!  This "it" color came in for Spring and is sticking around for the fall and winter seasons.  This beautiful color comes in so many hues and there is a shade of blue that is right for every skin tone.  If you are a more fair skinned or a red head stick to blues that have a lot of green in them.  If you have a darker complexion or are more olive toned stick to blues that lean more toward the purple side. 

Eva Longoria, Lea Michele and Emmy Rossum are all sporting full blue frocks to their latest red carpet events.  Even though these blues range from light to dark from shades of green to purple they are all rich in their color and make a bold and beautiful statement!

The holidays are just around the corner and these blue toned dresses are perfect for your holiday parties!  For a true royal blue shade try the Criss-Cross Dress by Jenny Han.  For a more aquamarine shade try the Yucca Dress by ecoSkin, or for a more muted blue try the Spruce Dress also by ecoSkin.  And last but certainly not least if you want something with a little more length try the China Doll dress by Farron Elizabeth.

Do you like blue but not enough to go all the way?  Try a blue top!  For a casual look try the Super Chic Tee by Le Magnifique.  Stay warm with the Mock Turtleneck by Lizzie Parker.  Or try the Mallord Blouse by Mike & Chris which is great for work or play!

Or just try a touch of blue!  Beyonce adds a hint of color to her black cocktail dress with a pair of blue suede shoes.  Get this look with the Princessa by Marcello Toshi, a pair of blue suede shoes that would even make Elvis turn his head!

Monday, October 19, 2009

killer combo: BELTED SHRUG

Make a killer combo by pairing the Purp7e Oversize Shrug in Black and the Tucker Paisley Skinny Patent Belt in Purple.  Two pieces that are great on their own and even better together!

The Purp7e Oversize Shrug has a shawl-like drape.  It's easy to throw on over anything, especially when the air conditioning is cranked up in the office!  But this piece can also provide a more tailored look.  By pairing the shrug with the Tucker Paisley Skinny Patent Belt you can turn this loose shrug into a fitted and interesting top!  It's like getting two sweaters for the price of one!  These piece are currently on sale at  This same combo also looks great in a second color choice:

This color combo consists of the Purp7e Oversize Shrug in Mauve paired with the Tucker Paisley Skinny Patent Belt in Navy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

this just in: ECOSKIN

New arrivals from ecoSkin today on!  Adorable dresses that are perfect for the upcoming holiday party season AND that are light enough that you can wear them for the spring season as well.  To check out the styles seen above and more click here.

This dress is soft and has an easy fit that will work with most body types.  The color, silhouette, and crochet detail on the arm give it a vintage feel.  It would be so cute with sandals, heels or boots.  Definitely great for a holiday party or for a spring afternoon.  Overall this dress is a must have!

this just in: FARRON ELIZABETH

New Farron Elizabeth arrivals today on!  Soft, lightweight, easy dresses that are great for your upcoming tropical holiday vacation.  Check out the styles above and more by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

motivate: WORKOUT GEAR

Don't let the weather get you down, stay motivated!  When it's cold, gray and rainy outside it's easy to make up excuses to skip the gym.  But every Bad Joan knows that there is no better way to motivate for an occassion than to buy a new outfit... even if that occassion is a trip to the gym!

Check out Ellen Pompeo just one month after giving birth!  She's on her way to yoga but still keeping warm in a simple yet adorable zip hoodie.  If she can make it to the gym while balancing a starring role on Grey's Anatomy AND taking care of a newborn than so can you!  All you need is the right outfit and luckily has some great choices at great prices...

Get Ellen's super comfy, cozy zip hoodie look with the Cashmere Hoodie by Zovo available in Charcoal, Navy, Sage and Silver.

Don't want to sweat in your cashmere?  Zovo offers some cotton alternatives like the Hoodie in Charcoal/Lavender or Black/White as well as the Hooded Tunic also in Charcoal/Lavender or Black/White.  We love the Hooded Tunic because it's a fun alternative to the traditional hooded sweatshirt.  Wear it as a dress or over leggings or if you want to work out in shorts and a tank it's easy to throw this piece on over the entire outfit so that you don't freeze on your way to the gym!

KJ Clothing also offers some great workout gear including these matching Hoodie and Pant outfits.  Find your love for the gym with the True Love Hoodie and Pant.  Not ready to start a love affair?  Go for the Victorian Print in the same styles.  You can mix and match the Victorian Hoodie in Dark Grey or Heather Grey with the Victorian Pant also available in Dark Grey or Heather Grey.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

get that look: MONOCHROMATIC

When putting together an outfit with several layers it's a good idea to stick to one central color and then work around it.  You can use a monochromatic color scheme (different shades of one color) to make layers work together and not be too overwhelming.

Kelly Ripa looks effortless walking down the street in her many shades of grey.  She has mastered the monochromatic look by using several shades of the same color along with several layers to add texture to the outfit and make it all flow together.

Get a similar look right now on!  Match the Karmel & Alden Zelda jean with the KJ Angel Wing Thermal and the Marcello Toshi Hojas shoe.  Accessorize with the Lisa K. Soho Necklace and top it off with the Purp7e Hooded Scarf!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Great big oversized open armholes are definitely in right now!  You can find them in tops or dresses.  This style is sexy and great for layering. 

Rihanna looks sexy as usual while she takes in the sights in Venice, Italy wearing an open armhole mini dress.  She has chosen to layer the dress over a fun green leopard bra.  Other layering options include a tube top, bandeau, tank top, t-shirt or long sleeve top.  Here are some open armhole tops and dresses along with layering ideas all currently available on!

Try the Lizzie Parker Cowl Jumper paired with the Burnout Crewneck by Shagg for a great fall look.  The Jumper also looks great with the KJ Angel Wing Thermal for an extra cozy look!

For something a little lighter and brighter try the Lizzie Parker Open Cowl Dress and the KJ True Love Thermal.

Not into the oversized armhole in dress?  Not a problem!  Try it in a tank with the Pocket Tank by Mike & Chris which comes in a variety of colors and which all look great with the TT Collection Poorboy Tank... or just about anything else you want to throw them over!

Friday, October 9, 2009

trend watch: OMBRE

Ombre is a French term meaning "shaded."  Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark or dark to light, it's a fun and modern take on tie-dye. 

Kerry Washington looks incredible in her ombre style black and red Dior gown which she wore to The Americans for the Arts National Arts Awards Gala. 

You can intrpret the ombre look into your everyday life with styles available right now on!  Try the Vanitas Jones Dress in Blue Silk Crepe.  Or break it up with separates from Tricky Threads, the Tank-O and Georgia-O Skirt can be worn together (click here to see) or separate.

The ombre look can also be applied to jewelry!  The Lisa K Ombre Necklace in Yellow or Pink have a very subtle gradient coloring.  These necklaces have lighter beads towards the clasps and slightly darker beads towards the center.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

get that look: KAFTAN

One word: WOW!  It's no surprise that this mega couple looks so incredible in their aviator sunglasses and solid color scheme.  Brad and Angelina were spotted walking the streets of Damascus, Syria while Angelina was fulfilling her role as a UNHCR ambassador.  We are obsessed with Angelina's understated but extremely elegant look.  She is wearing a gorgeous flowing kaftan with a simple pair of thong sandals and she truly looks effortlessly amazing. 

We love that Angelina is making the Kaftan cool since it is such a comfortable piece that ANYONE can wear!  Get this look at with the One Size Fits All, Shell Trim Kaftan by Purp7e Agua which comes in solid black, white or coral.

this just in: MIKE & CHRIS

We added a new addition today, MIKE & CHRIS!  This line comes from the husband and wife designer team of Mike Gonzalez and Christine Park-Gonzalez. This line mixes chic and street, resulting in pieces that are both laid back yet put together. Mike & Chris uses an array of fabrics from super soft fleece in antiqued colors to distressed leathers, detailed with oversized buttons, antique brass eyelets, and unconventional styling and pull inspiration from both art and photography.  Check out a few of the styles available right now on

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK:  Huxley Blouse (below)
This top is so versatile and comfortable.  It will fit and flatter just about anyone and you can easily take it from day to night.  Wear it to work with slacks or a pencil skirt or wear it out to dinner with skinny jeans and pumps.  The best part about it is that it's a basic shape but the asymmetrical neckline and tie give it a subtle edge!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Studs and Stones may break my bones but a few embellishments will only help my wardrobe! 

Adding a little hardware to just about any piece of clothing can take it from basic to rock star!  Fergie demonstrates this point while looking incredible during her Black Eyed Peas performance in Melbourne.  Even though us average Joan's are not rock stars to the rest of the world we are definitely rock stars in our own lives!  Get Fergie's look with a few embellished pieces from

Object of Desire has a couple tops that fit the bill.  The Halter Neck Top available in Black, Wine or Grey which features faux studs around the neck.  Or try the Open Sleeve Top which as a grommet detailed neckline.

Another way to embellish your outfit is with a great belt.  KJ Clothing has a ton of studded, colorful belts that are all handmade and one-of-a-kind (Army seen here, to see other colors click here).  Plus you can adjust the size so that you can wear them at your waist or on your hips.  It's like two belts for the price of one!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

if you're bored: DRESS UP GAME

Are you bored at work? What better way to procrastinate than playing dress up! Try out this dress up game for some mindless, addictive fun!

The goal is to dress the girl up so that she can impress her date. Normally Joan would never promote the idea that girls need to impress boys, Joan thinks it's DEFINITELY the other way around, but you need a little break from work so it's for a good cause.

Tip - if you want to remove an item of clothing off the girl, you have to double click on the item of clothing you want to take off.

contest: WINNERS

ANSWER: Karl Lagerfeld

$50 gift certificate – Stacy Adams

$10 gift certificate – Brenna Bulwinkle
$10 gift certificate – Jennifer Campaniolo
$10 gift certificate – Nicole Wisniewski
$10 gift certificate – Jennifer Reager

All winners will receive an email within the hour with instructions on how to redeem your gift certificate to

Thank you to everyone who participated in today's contest!  Starting next month Joan will be giving away Ten $10 gift certificates every weekday

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